More on Rankings!


As promised, I want to go more in depth on how our ranking system is going to work, in order to give you an idea how your ranking will change match-by-match.  At least for the Beta season, modifications might happen before our first Wii U season.

C4F's Beta Season Prize!

What you can win!

How do our rankings work?

Glad you asked!

Here at Coffee4Fuel we want you to be able to play as much as you want.  All day, every day. However, this causes problems and leaves people who are unable to dedicate as much time to playing in the dust.  So we decided do implement a "diminishing returns"  ranking system.


Welcome to!  

We are currently building an awesome community of Sm4shers like yourself.  We aim to provide a place where you can find competitive sm4shers to test your skills against and to win some prizes($) in the process.  Please don't use any ad-blocking services, as they fund our prize pools.

To sign up and get yourself put on the rankings thread for the beta season that will start on November 1st, head over to our Reddit, flair up, and post on our entry thread.   If you have any questions about the process, feel free to comment on this post, or shoot us an email at !