Rules for Ranked(Wii U)

Rules for ranked matches

Rules for 1 v 1:
  • Best of 3
  • 3 stock, 8 minutes.
  • Items off.
  • Custom is off until further notice.
  • DSR - You may NOT pick a stage again if you have won on that stage in the current set.
  • Legal stages: 

         Neutral( May be picked for any round)
  Final Destination, Battlefield, Kong Jungle, Town and City,
 Smashville, Duck Hunt

        Counter-Pick (My only be picked for round 2 or 3) 
 Big Battlefield, Halberd, Lylat, Wuhu Island, Delphino Plaza, Coliseum, 
Castle and Siege, Windy Hill Zone, Skyloft

       Please let me know on the subreddit if you disagree with any of these stages or think we are missing some!  This is our first list and will be altered as needed!

  • The lower ranked player gets to choose the starting stage. (Random Omega is ranks are equal.)
  • Loser of previous game gets to counter-pick the next stage.  Communicate in IRC or Reddit.
  • If it goes to a third game, the winner of game two may ban up to 4 stages that cannot be picked as a counter-pick for game 3. If FD is banned all Omega stages are banned!
  • Sudden death is not counted.  If a game reaches time, whoever has more stocks, or has less % if on the same stock wins.