Rules for Ranked (3ds)

Rules for ranked matches

Rules for 1 v 1:
  • Best of 3
  • 3 stock, 8 minutes.
  • Items off.
  • Custom is off until further notice.
  • Legal stages: Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Island, Arena Ferox, Prism Tower, Boxing Ring, Jungle Japes, any Omega stage.
  • The lower ranked player gets to choose the starting stage.
  • Loser of previous game gets to counter-pick the next stage.  Communicate in IRC or Reddit.
  • If it goes to a third game, the winner of game two may ban up to 3 stages that cannot be picked as a counter-pick for game 3. If FD is banned all Omega stages are banned!
  • Sudden death is not counted.  If a game reaches time, whoever has more stocks, or has less % if on the same stock wins.